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Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Hello, it’s me again, basically talking to myself in public. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re me. In which case: well done, mate, this update only took you like a year and a half!

Um, you know what… While I’m at it I may as well go the whole hog and just interview myself.

1) Hello, Carl J. Sorheim!

2) G’day mate. Carl will do.

1) Haha, no worries. You still a Film Director in Melbourne, Carl?

2) I sure am, Carl, and nice shoe horning of name and profession, btw, Google will love that.

1) Always chasing that SEO, Carl! So, what’s new?

2) Not much. Done a bunch of ads with Stratosphere over the last six months, and that’s been great. Love those guys; I shot one for Gillette, one for Duro-Tuss and two for Inner Health. Lots of fun and by far the fastest and sweetest crew in Melbourne.

1) That’s lovely! And how did the movie go?

2) What movie?

1) Were you not making a movie?

2) Oh THAT! Twitchers! Yes, right. No, that didn’t happen. Wow, you’ve been out of the loop!

1) About 18 months out of the loop, yeah. It didn’t happen? Why?

2) Well, we got a bunch of cash together, but when we got close to our original shoot dates in December 2022, we had to come to terms with the fact that we’d fallen about $100,000 short of what it would take to make the film the way we think it needs to be made. But rather than get all sad about how hard it is to randomly find money or just get people to throw it at you, we decided to take the money we do have, write a smaller and smarter film, and shoot that one instead… And then do Twitchers when people start showering us with money. Any day now. I’m just standing around with a towel.

1) Wow! How did that new film go?

2) Well, Jesus, Carl, I don’t write and shoot a brand new movie in six months! I don’t even write a goddamn update on my website in 18 months, by the looks of it, so, you know…

1) Okay, okay, settle down, Carl. My bad. So, have you written this new film, at least?

2) I’ve written five drafts, buddy! And I think the last one is pretty solid.

1) Well, that’s exciting! Are you excited?

2) Mate, it’s such a long and winding road to get something like a feature film made, I’m too scared to get excited. Even if it’s just an indie thing, the whole concept of getting a cast & crew of 20-30 people in one or two locations over 2-3 weeks working at peak capacity, mostly for love and incredibly low rates… it’s incredibly hard and humbling work, Carl. I don’t know if you can appreciate what I’m dealing with here.

1) You sound like you’ve had some experience?

2) Not really, but we shot a proof of concept half hour comedy pilot called Without a Net in May/June, and that was only four and a half days of shooting - and holy brotherhood, it was challenging. Kids, pool scenes, stunts, freezing ocean water, lots of makeup, blood work, car scenes… The continuity was flying back and forth like a 5-year old hopped up on Zooper Doopers.

* Key cast of Without A Net

1) Wow! Sounds crazy. What are you doing with Without a Net?

2) Not sure. I just had to do it because I think it’s a good enough idea to warrant spending time and a little bit of money on - but we have some contacts I’m gonna flick it off to; hopefully they’re as into it as I am! And honestly, I don’t know how they couldn’t be. The cast is incredibly funny, the concept is completely original, and the crew was world-class. It’s kick-ass.

1) Great! Can’t wait to see it!

2) Same!

<Carl laughs in mirror>

1) Well, this has been nice, Carl.

2) Yeah… But it’s a bit up yourself to interview yourself though, isn’t it?

1) I asked myself if it was, and frankly, we’re in an age of such massive introspection that I don’t know that it even registers. Plus no one else wanted to interview you.

2) Fair call. And it won’t really register unless people read it, I guess…

1) They might! Don’t be too hard on yourself, mate.

2) Cheers, mate. Appreciate it.



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