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Last time I wrote a blog post we were a family of 3, expecting #4 with the age-old Sorheim Clan Rule: “no divorces in the first 6 months”. Now we’re 6 months in (and no divorces yet!) and life is predominantly like waking up from a fever dream. You know: “What happened, where am I, why the hell is the bed wet?”  


The last addition nearly sleeps through the night and work is nearly starting up again. The years are very much like variants of Covid - If 2021 was the lethal silence of Delta; 2022 is the noisy, stop-start’y cough bastard Omicron. In the last few months I did some work for the Victorian Government to get people QR-checking in; some sweet interview/educational pieces with Dylan Alcott and his company Get Skilled Access; and some funny and cute stories for Keno, as they establish their company in Victoria. All in all, I have to say I’m just stoked to be working; Melbourne’s industry has copped it worse than most over the last two years.  

So last time I wrote something, it was all about our future son, Teddy. He’s turned out to be a treat, and as I professed: nothing like making a movie. But how would I know if I haven’t made a movie? 


So I’ve decided to make one. Let me get back to you about how all that goes in a little while, but like the worst hippies of our time, I’m PUTTING IT OUT INTO THE UNIVERSE SO IT WILL COME TRUE: I’M MAKING A GODDAMN MOVIE. 


If I’ve lost my mind, I blame the fever dream of parenting.  

…Why the hell is the bed wet? 



Carl J. Sorheim, Melbourne-based Director and Writer, also soon maker of movies.  

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