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2021 Finally Started.

Ok, yes, I know 2021’s been huffing and going for about 7 weeks. In those 7 weeks I’ve had a couple of small gigs and we bought a house. I’m not complaining. But it was still a slog of a start... Out of lockdown everyone’s like “oh man, we’re gonna be swamped with work...!”

Maybe some are - but all I see is swamp, man. A giant swamp. Like, just look at that thing. Can’t build anything there, it’s swamp land! Vast, empty, treacherous, EMPTY...

Alright, alright. I can’t complain. I mean, I *can*, but I probably shouldn’t. My days have been filled with writing and looking after my son; two things that are such absolute privileges to any human that I’d basically be the worst guy alive if I somehow found a way to complain. (Please forget about the swamp stuff before.)

But then Elon Musk tweeted my video to his 47M followers... and I’ve gotta say, it feels a lot like the start of a new year. Maybe I’m more of a Lunar New Year Guy? Chinese New Year, that kinda thing? (IS THERE NOWHERE CHINA CAN’T REACH?!)

Anyway, that was fun. Elon Musk is a pretty interesting guy, and I now have over 3K comments on YouTube that say “Elon sent me here”. I finally know what Santa Claus feels like, wading through letters, hoping one of them - maybe just ONE - will say something other than “I want a PS5, you son of a bitch and I know where you live.” But hey, at least Elon sent them here.

As I mentioned I’ve had the good fortune of doing some little jobs that were fun in very different ways over the last month - I finished post on an interesting campaign by Monster & Bear a couple of weeks ago, and I got a “quickShootItNOWNOWNOOOOOOW”-job for KFC Supercoach, which I think went live practically the same day Elon tweeted Bitcoin Explained.

So that was nice.

And what does the future hold? Well, in three weeks I’m sitting down with production company Disturbing Notions, Producer Jess Leslie and Writer/Director Job Clerc, in our first Film Victoria-funded Writers’ room, for period comedy series LadyLord. I’m so excited I’m about to lose control and I think I like it.

And finally, with the help of my good man Josh Futcher - an incredible actor and website designer with an awesome eye for detail - I’ve finally got around to updating my website. I hope you like it.

So, you know... just because it looks foggy and green and vast, it’s not all swamp. There’s also lots of nice, little puddles to jump and splash around in.

Put on some gumboots and take care.



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