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Time Flies When You're Having F**

One of my pet hates is when people say; “can you believe it’s <time of year>” already? Yes, I can believe it, because time has been passing at a normal rate and it’s not like we suddenly went “ah, let’s not do March.” I can absolutely, 100%, believe it’s <time of year>.

But can you believe it’s April already? I know. I hate myself immediately for writing that, but then again, self hate is sooooo de rigeur.

The reason April has crept up on me in this terrible fashion is a combination of the three W’s: Work, Writing, and Watching my Young Son Grow into a Slightly More Repetitive Young Son Who Also Swears. Dear god, do they love repetition when they’re 3 years old; they love it almost as much as they love swearing. A day rarely passes without my boy telling me; “Daddy. I don’t want to say f***. That’s a Daddy word.” And then, for good measure, he repeats that he doesn’t want to say it. Like I’ve been PLEADING with him to say “f***” and that he finally, after much consideration unfortunately has found that he must reject the request. He will not say “f***” no matter how much he imagines me having asked him to please say it.

In other news we finished our Cameralla/Headspace LadyLord writers’ room with Jess Leslie, Jub Clerc and Maddie Dyer last week, and it was SPLENDID. I have no better word for it. It was so exciting to be in a room with so many incredibly talented, clever and hilarious people, and just, well, spending our time coming up with the best dilemmas and most interesting solutions possible. It’s not just a puzzle; it’s like creating a new, strange Rubik’s cube every day, solving that cube and hoping it’s JUST hard enough for other people not to get bored by, and JUST likely enough to exist that it doesn’t put anyone off… It’s one of the most gratifying creative experiences I’ve had so far, I think? Yeah! I think so.

Given last month’s Elon Musk-success over at we also decided that hey, maybe it’s about time we create some stuff for our new 30,000 subscribers. And what with all the stuff in the media about NFTs, I wrote a little thing I hope will go down well – though there’s always the very high likelihood it’ll hit the classic “800 views and 42 likes, never to be seen again”-niche. I mean, this is NICHE comedy by now, creating skits around the rise of digitally produced artworks that only exist on the block chain, given that you say the words “block chain” most people glaze over around the time you get to “block-“

So Easter Monday we move into the Abbotsford Convent for a mad Antiques Roadshow-style day with a tight crew of legends! I can’t wait to get stuck into it. Yeah, that’s what I said: NFTs and Antiques Roadshow. I know: it’s the perfect mix.

Wow. Can you believe it’s Easter already?! “Holy f***!”, as my son refuses to say.



*Cameralla’s David Gannon and Natalie Bond getting into character for Nifty Roadshow.

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